Group Activity/Recreation Time Options

Each day our campers will enjoy participating in three group activity times and one recreation or "recess" time. Pictured Rocks believes in "challenge by choice" which means a camper always has the option not to participate if they do not feel comfortable. We encourage them to try, but ultimately they make the decision.

Activities are progressive with age for safety, but all activities may not be available every day due to weather, staff supervision, number of campers and space availability.

Recreation time is "recess". After dinner all kids on site go outside to "play". They are free to move from one activity to another which promotes interaction outside a camper's own group.

Group Activities (age dependent)                        Recess Options
Frisbee Golf---------------------------- Nerf Archery                                  Basketball
Mountain Boarding------------------- Hiking/Nature Walks                      4-Square/9-Square in the Air
Archery (Recurve/Compound)---- Crafts                                             Sand Volleyball
Creek Stomping----------------------- Zip Line                                         Gaga Ball
Real Rock Climbing/Bouldering--- Climbing Tower                             Tetherball
Slingshot Paintball-------------------- Caving                                           Kickball
Indoor Swimming---------------------- Outdoor Skills                                Football
Outdoor Slip-n-Slide--------------- Lake Canoeing/Paddleboating          Soccer
Team Bldg/Low Ropes Course------- Trust Trail                                    Playground
River Floats (Canoe/Kayak/Tube)-------- Geocaching
Water Olympics (Includes sponge tag & other get-wet games)

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