First time coordinating a retreat and feeling overwhelmed? WE WOULD LOVE TO HELP YOU!
Give our experienced staff a call and we will help you through the process. Some questions to consider before you call:

1. What are your ministry goals for the retreat?
   a. Reach new youth through an outreach retreat and purposeful programming.
   b. Create opportunities for families to bond, share and grow.
   c. Have the opportunity to worship in an outdoor chapel surrounded by God's creation.
   d. Get more centered on God by removing the distractions of the everyday world.
   e. Create significant and purposeful time and space for God to work in someone's heart while
        in a Christian community.
   f. Grow closer as a group by building trust, communication and problem solving skills.
   g. Create opportunities for fun and fellowship in a safe and controlled outdoor setting.

2. What size of group do you plan to bring?
3. Will you need us to provide food service?
4. Will guests need all lower bunks?
5. Do you need large group meeting space?
6. What month/date are you hoping to have your retreat?
7. What activities are you interested in? Anything led by camp staff?
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