Camp adventure activities available are team building/low ropes, climbing tower/bouldering shed, zip line, caving and real-rock climbing. All necessary safety gear as well as certified staff to facilitate are included. All activities require at least a two-hour block of time, but can vary depending on group size, activity selected and ability of the group. The climbing tower and zip line may be combined to save time.

All participants in PR Adventure Challenge must wear closed-toed shoes and have a parent-signed release waiver. PR Adventure Challenge activities are team elements and are off-limits without a trained PR facilitator. Caving requires long sleeves and pants.

  • * Team Building - small groups (7 to 15) work through a series of initiatives and elements to gain group trust as well as learn better problem solving and communication skills. Activities are designed for each group based on the goals, ability and age of the participants which can be anyone age 11 to adult. Great activity for college orientation leaders, high school sports teams and youth groups.

  • * Climbing Tower - a 40 ft. climbing tower with two solid sides (three levels of difficulty) and two open suspended climbing elements (different degrees of difficulty). The climbing tower experience is specifically designed to challenge and expand each participant's trust and confidence. A belay system is used to keep all climbers age 9 and up safe at all times.

  • * Bouldering Shed - a multi-surfaced shed (next to the climbing tower) for participants younger than 9 to practice proper climbing techniques, grow confidence in their individual abilities and be better prepared to try the climbing tower when old enough. Climbers can go sideways, diagonal or even upside down as the shed has climbs for all ability levels. Activity is free with use of the climbing tower.

  • * Zip Line - an approximate 300 foot ride beginning on top of the camp's climbing tower. Participants (on-belay) climb up staples mounted into one of the four telephone support poles and are then clipped into the zip pulley. Participants then sit on the edge of the tower platform, lean forward and launch themselves off the tower and down the cable. Participants eventually stop in the middle and climb down a two-sided ladder after someone from their group helps unclip them from the zip pulley. The zip line experience is about building faith and trust within each participant.

  • * Caving - a 550 foot, dark and tight crawling adventure at the adjacent Pictured Rocks County Park. PR camp provides each spelunker with knee pads, elbow pads, helmet and headlamp. Participants are required to wear long pants, long-sleeve shirt and closed-toed shoes. Some spaces are considerably tight and not all willing participants may be able to complete the entire cave adventure. Caving is only allowed from April thru October and requires a special permit issued by the DNR. Recommended group size should be no more than 12 per two-hour block.

  • * Real Rock Climbing -¬†Pictured Rocks guests can now do real-rock climbing on site. A belay anchor system was constructed by ABEE, Inc. (our challenge course certification company). The experience is similar to the climbing tower, but with a greater degree of difficulty. Participants will need to find their own foot/hand holds (crevices within the limestone bluff) as they try to ascend the large bluff face and/or boulder sideways along the adjacent rock outcrop.

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